New Year’s Revolution

This year I reveal a personal revolution. You could say it’s my turn. I surrender my resolve to this cycle of evolution. I offer my presence because it’s all that I have right now. To the best of my ability, I do not “try” to do anything. I do not attempt to change or manipulate myself, others, or my environment. I recognize the importance of each step along my personal journey, as well as each step along the journeys of others and society as a whole, as both perfect and necessary. I acknowledge my role in this lifetime and the roles of others as inherently different, yet complimentary.

However contradictory and backwards opinions and behaviors may seem, I remind myself that my perspective paints a portrait of reality that is inherently incomplete. At any given moment, I have only the context of time that precedes it, and am only able to process inputs based on my own conditioning. Therefore, I cannot by rational thought ever know with any certainty the significance of “now.” I can, however, rationally use these very shortcomings as guidance, and infer that in order to live fully in the present moment, I cannot be attached to its meaning or my purpose therein. I can only use the tools, skills, knowledge, and energy I have to be exactly what I am capable of being.

So, this year, I am.

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